The Graphic Novel 

Lady Isabella’s Secrets is an historical fiction about an alchemist woman, Isabella Cortese, who lived in the 16th century.
The illustrated story is based on a real compendium of recipes from the time and set against the backdrop of sixteenth century Rome during the Counter Reformation. Although simple recipes aimed to provide remedies for the everyday problems of ordinary people, Isabella’s preparations were considered highly suspect by the Church authorities.


Rome, second half of the 16th century. Alchemist Isabella Cortese has dedicated her life to finding remedies for people’s everyday problems. Will she be able to continue her work despite mounting pressure from the Church authorities? 

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Volume 2

Isabella and Marco are travelling to Venice. While in Florence, Isabella meets Jacopo Pecori and Eleonora da Toledo. Both of them ask for her help. Will Isabella’s alchemist skills be able to come to their aid? 

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Volume 3
Like a smoke in the wind

Isabella is pursued by both the Holy See and Eleonora di
Toledo’s henchmen. Fleeing Rome, Isabella and Elvira stay in Bologna at the Foundling Hospital where Isabella uses her remedies to treat the women inmates. Will she succeed in escaping the clutches of her pursuers?

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The Story Behind the Story

How the graphic novel has come to life.